The people that will go to hell

The people that will go to hell

Hell is not a good place to go especially for sinners, it is believed that when you sin and do not act right in the ways of the Lord, hell is the place you will go to after you die. Jesus was tortured and died on the cross so we may be free from sins. Hell is believed to be a place that there is endless fire where we will burn forever for sinners. Those who believe in God, are true Christians to the church and themselves will not go to hell. In the Bible it is written that the gates to hell are wide, the gates to heaven are narrow since not many will see heaven may be hell.

This age and era where there

This age and era where there is immortality all over not many will go to heaven unless repentance, mend their ways according to how God wants. Not only bad people will go to hell, even some of the good ones will go to hell since. Guys should stop comparing their sins to other people’s sins but should evaluate themselves according to the truth as written in the bible. God will judge accordingly as outlined in the bible, if people read a Bible and obey Gods word, then they will not see hell. In hell, suffering is both physically and spiritually. We will go to hell since our hearts are weak and we are hard to save. Even in the bible, a third of the Angles fell.

The people that will go to hell

People will go to hell according to how they have lived their life here in earth. Not being true to yourself when, around other people you are holy but behind closed doors, sinning is order of the day. Pretenders are worse than murderers, you want to go to heaven but do not follow ways of the lord. There is no big sin or small sin as long as it is sin, we will all go to hell. God will not play favorites during judgement day, all the sinners no matter type of sin will go to burn in fires of hell.

Adam and Eve were first to sin when they ate forbidden apple. Eve could not follow a simple instruction that was given to them. We are to accept that we are hard to save, therefore we need to be humble while we run to God to save us. People to go to hell are the ones whose hearts are stubborn as well as those who fulfil their hearts desires even though they know they are sinning.

Desires of the heart will make people go to hell, we love distractions, we don’t like to listen. We choose what is wrong without knowing exactly what is the difference. People will go to hell including: rapist, murderers, pretenders and all kinds of sins that there is. All sinners will go to hell unless all sinners repent and live to what is true to God. In order for us not to sin, we need to ask God for the gift of a humble heart, new mind knowledge.

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