Situations people survive from

Situations people survive from

There are various things that people go through daily in their life which can strengthen, or break them beyond their ability. A person may have heard of a young child born in a family where he has many siblings, yet both parents do not have a stable job to support that family. This will make the parents to choose to forego some basic needs like food, meaning the family might be able to eat one meal per day, and on lucky days the family will eat two meals. To them, this may be the way to afford to pay the bills, so they can survive at least with a roof over their heads, and manage to prevent getting sick. The one meal they manage to get can be little, yet parents have to divide it among all children, most of the time the adults will sacrifice and sleep hungry. Socializing has enabled parents to know the importance of education, that is why adults will work hard to save up and ensure there is enough tuition fees for the children.

The saved up money would be

The saved up money would be enough to make them study up to high school which would give a child a responsibility to work hard to get a scholarship for college. If the first child manages to get a scholarship, and end up going to college, his other siblings are likely to do the same plus the guardian would still have some savings left for them. The scholarship relieves the guardian of straining harder to pay for college while still paying for the other siblings who will probably be in high school. Another challenge comes in when children join any learning institution, get to meet other learners who come from different backgrounds, and their grades might even be better. This happens because a child from a poor background might be going home after studying where electricity may not be. Meaning, the students are likely not to study while at home or do their homework, if it is the first child then looking after the others will be his responsibility too.

Of course, this will interfere with

Of course, this will interfere with their grades plus self-esteem, especially if the teachers will not be keen to understand his students, and why others do not finish the supposed assignment. Then puberty kicks in, and students start noticing how different some are from others plus the opportunities learners may lack because of poverty. At this stage, students will want to put on nice clothes daily, try make-up, or even feel ashamed of where they come from. Guardians will start being pressured to buy things they may not afford which can lead to misunderstandings back at home unless those children accept their situation. Others go an extra mile of getting a job that they will be doing after school so that they can afford the outfits, books, make up, food and save up a little. This will make the young person to go an extra mile because they have to create time for their studies, and be disciplined enough to know how to balance work plus studies.

Situations people survive from

During this time, teenagers are emotionally sensitive since each is starting to view life at a different angle that shows them the importance of working hard. The crucial part of having a teenager is that if guardians are not strict the student may end up getting involved with bad people in society like robbers, as an informant or a robber. Teenagers usually feel pressured to fit in with others without even considering the consequences that come with the actions each takes. Bad people know of this, that is why those people usually spot several teenagers that they can trick into doing bad things and pay them later. This will seem like easy money, yet it diverts the child’s attention from school work which gives them a vision to being a better person in the future. Parents should be more cautious of what, and where their children are when all of them are from school, have conversations with them so you can know what is going on in their life.

Eventually, some students manage to remain focused on their long-term goal of graduating from college. This enables them to get into a career of their choice which can change their state of living, even for their family who struggled to ensure that person succeeds.

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