Crazy things people have done

Crazy things people have done

In life, a person can do something insane that seems fun to them. For others, packing their clothes to go to another city was the most crazy thing they did. Others think that the craziest thing ever is speeding on the highway at 160 mph. But compared to the things people have done, this is not such a big deal. Research has gathered a variety of insane stunts that could never be repeated because they are just too terrifying. An Austrian skydiver jumped to Earth from around 126000 feet on October 14, 2012.

He smashed the sound barrier in around a minute, hitting a maximum speed of 843.6 mph, becoming the first person to do so without any vehicular control. For four minutes plus nineteen seconds, the diver was in free fall. It took him fourteen minutes in total to be able to land. By the way, on October 24, 2014, a senior vice president of information at Google, who jumped from 135,907 feet, broke the previous record. He used a parachute with a stabilizing drug, but this case was not as dramatic as the first one. James Cameron, the famous filmmaker, became the first person to reach the deepest point of the ocean on his own in March 2012.

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Cameron spent three hours at a depth of 35 feet, this is one of the longest time. The filmmaker captured video during the dive and gathered scientific data, specimens, plus many soil samples. His film was released in theaters in 2013 and screened on the National Geographic Channel. Researcher Jacques and Lt Don Walsh, a United States Navy officer, were the first individuals to reach the floor of the Mariana Trench in 1960. While down there alone, a surfer conquered the greatest wave ever to rise. Brazilian surfer Rodrigo conquered the largest wave in November 2017, with the official wave height estimated at 80 feet.

At its Big Wave Awards in California in April 2018, the World Surf League verified the accomplishment and noted that the achievement was recognized as a Guinness World Record. The target was set in Portugal at Nazarene Beach, this town is renowned for its enormous waves formed by an underwater canyon. Russia’s Vladimir has traveled for years wearing, and wanting no shoes. Vladimir believes to have walked about 86,000 miles already. Publicly, the guy said he walks barefoot because he feels a bond with the earth that makes him feel.

Australian Ken set a record for

Vladimir doesn’t use a compass or charts, hitchhikes often, typically sleeps in a tent, and spends about $1 a day. A courageous Chinese man set a target in 2012, spending 54 minutes covered in bees. The weight of these bees was higher than anticipated and is included in the Guinness World Records Book. Two American skiers, Sean and Kirsten, set records in 1985 in car top riding. Initially, during competitions, this was a way skiers would learn to control their body in case of wind. They wanted to try to set this record, along with the legendary Bonneville driver, Rick, who had not yet been beaten.

Australian Ken set a record for world water speed in 1976. At a speed of 318 mph, his boat moved and his record still stands as of today. Freddy, a Swiss stuntman, put his life at risk in 2011 to raise money for a UNESCO project and set seven records in the Alps in seven days. He managed to complete a tightrope walk and enter Germany’s highest peak, without any kind of protection. Luke, an American skydiver, jumped out of an airplane on July 30, 2017, at 25,000 feet. He reached a net, 100 by 100 feet, suspended 195 feet above the desert, after a two-minute free fall.

Crazy things people have done

Luke is the first person to leap and land safely without a parachute. By the way, in his life, this stuntman performed more than 18,000 jumps. In the Guinness Book of World Records, Cindy Jackson has undergone fifty-two cosmetic procedures. She underwent many face lifts, liposuction, operations on the knee, waist, hip, permanent makeup, implants on the lip and jaw, mandible reduction. After she got her father’s inheritance, she began the transformation of beauty. Now, Cindy is sixty-one, and she looks pretty good to believe even that.

For sixty years, Haj, an Iranian, has not bathed because he feels that being clean would make him sick. After going through some unfortunate setbacks in his youth, he says he chose this way of life, and he is a little alienated since then.

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